Saturday, June 20, 2009

184th Card Drive & Blog Candy

Editor's note- I would love to have you send me a filled out card for the 184th. Just email me for my address. I will have pictures of the blog candy next week. I will have two blog candies for all that send me cards. One will be for kids (anyone under 18) and one for all over 18.
I have been asked what type of cards. I am thinking about a thank you or thinking of you card that you put a note for the soliders. Just remember this unit is an all male unit. If you want to send some blank cards (birthday, thinking of you,etc) that is fine and I will send them also.
Editors Note: I have an emergancy trip so I will be unable to post the blog candy. I hope to when I get back.

Have you ever wondered about our military reserves and what they do for us? These men and women join up to help protect us and our way of life. But what does that mean exactly?
Well, my family is lucky enough to have a good friend in the Reserves. He is a member of the 184th Battalion of the Army Reserve unit from California. There are 300 men in his unit. At the moment they are stationed in Kosovo and will be there until December. We decided to ask him about it. This is what he told us.
"Why do we have troops in Kosovo? The continuing mission of our soldiers is to ensure a safe and secure environment (SASE) in Kosovo and maintain freedom of movement for all people in our area.

What role does our unit play over there? To conduct patrols, observation points, and roving checkpoints to interdict contraband and to support the Kosovo Police."
Think about that. These men are over there to help this country for us. We have asked them to put their lives on the line to protect us by making sure that freedom is kept even in other countries! Wow, this is amazing! And I, for one, am so proud of these men and women.
Here is a link if you would like to know more about the 184th Battalion.

So I want to do something for them. Being out of the country means that they are away from their families and friends and I want to bring a little spot of brightness to them. So I’ve decided to send their unit a box of cards and I need your help to do it. There are 300 men in this unit and I’d really like it if we could come up with enough cards so each soldier can have one. Are you with me?

God Bless!


  1. Just any cards? Like birthday - thinking of you? Blank inside or sentiment?

    This is great what you're doing.


  2. You can snail mail me any cards. These guys are gone from home for 6 months or more, so anything to cheer them up.

  3. Anita, this is a wonderful idea. I'd love to send some cards to you for this. E mail me your address and also tell me more what kind of cards you want. Thanks!

  4. Anita, I'd love to send you some cards. I'll send you an e-mail to get your address.

  5. This is such a GREAT thing for you to do!

  6. Too cool, Anita! We'll get ours in the mail this week.

    - Pia and Kat

  7. What a wonderful idea Anita, the kids and I will try to come up with some stuff. Thanks for joining thier blogs, they are tickled pink!


  8. Just come across this...what is the deadline? I'd love to send a card! Sending an email now for your addy!

  9. Ok I can't seem to find your email address..will you just email me your address? kerilee79 at gmail dot com



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