Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Craft Room

 Ok, my craft room is finally to the point that I can share. This the view when you enter. The boxes are cards that need to find a new home.
 This is the view from the right hand side of my craft room when sitting facing the window. I love the tool drawers that I use for my inks, paints, glues, etc.
 This is a peek into the closet that holds more paper and other goodies.
 Sorry this photo is blurry. This is my big shot wall along with my Ikea cart that has my Close To My Heart stamps. The spinning things hold buttons, ribbons, and other embellishments. They were found at Costco a couple years ago.
 This view is my desk. I tried to take a photo of it clean but I forgot before I started creating. The curtains are left from when it was my son's room some day I will replace them.
This is too my left where you can see my Cricut and the boards with cards that I have recieved. Also, paper I tend to use most. Below the desk is a few drawer organizers and 2 file drawers holding Paper Temptress papers. I hope you are enjoying your summer. I have been busy with family and lately cutting and picking peaches to freeze.

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