Friday, March 6, 2009

Lustre card set

Here is a card set that I made with the new Silver Lustre. I love the silky feel of this paper. I used both Laser Silver Lustre & Vintage Silver Lustre on this set. I love how the paper absorbs the ink and still shines through beautifully. The tan is from my stash. I used Vermillion Sparkle Cardstock, Noir Sparkle Cardstock, Blanc Sparkle Cardstock. I was suprised how well the colors showed through on the red. I love all the sparkle in the paper. All the glitter without the mess.


Stamp Set - Rain & Sunshine from There She Goes Stamps


  1. This is such a wonderful project -- thank you for sharing! That paper is lovely -- I can definitely see the appeal of glitter without the mess. :-)


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