Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NSR- Mouse troubles

I had hope to post a card this morning but I had a visitor in my scrap room. A mouse has gotten into my house and keeps moving rooms. I am not squeamish about much but I just couldn't stamp with the mouse being the room with me. Anyone want to come get him? I guess I will have to wait till my DH gets home tonight. See you tomorrow.

I will be at Flourishes weekly chat with Faith. If you have time, the chat is from 7 pm est to 9 pm east or 4 pm pct to 6 pm pacific time.


  1. A little peanut butter on a trap and BAM-O! You'll get him in no time. I promise! Been there, done that!

  2. Oh no! Not you too!!! I have one myself and he's really making me mad....had the nerve to feast on some of my favorite DP! I can hear him in the wall and it's driving me nuts! So if you hear on the news that some crazy lady in MS went on a rampage, it'll probably be me! :(


  3. eeeeeeeeeek!!!! I hope your DH has gotten rid of the unwanted guest!

  4. Unless he comes in digital form he is all yours.

  5. Aaaarrrhhh is what I would be shouting whilst doing a runner!! Sorry I wouldn't be any help.
    Emma x


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