Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Valentine Card

This card was made for a couple challenges. (By the way, I have two pictures of the front of the card so you can see the bow.) One is with Hambo group on PCP. The challenge was to make a Valentine card and If possible not to use stamps normally used for Valentines. I used the boxing bee and the saying normally says" Hope your birthday is not a knockout" I stamped the word valentine on a scrap of blue and used a pop up dot to cover the word birthday. I think the bee is just so cute. I choose the colors of the card based on Stacey's Jewelery challenge. I have been wanting to participate in this challenge. I love the Jewelery that she shows.


  1. love those cute little heart corner punches:) Thanks for sharing your cute card and participating in the Jewelry Color Inspiration this week!

  2. What a pretty use of the color combo. I like the sparkly details.

  3. Very cute card! I like the sparkle, too!


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